The ‚Solo – On pleasure and fear‘ was created as work-in-progress for the trio ‚On pleasure and fear‘ and takes the jump as a starting point.

By insisting on a movement and taking it to its extremes the solo investigates how the perception of a movement can shift. Club-dancing becomes riotting, becomes exhaustion, becomes flight, becomes….A Tour de Force of searching different perceptions of one movement.

A performance from and with Irina Müller / Sound: Matthias Meier

Supported by: 12min.max Tanzhaus Zürich, Forsch1 Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, Artist in Residence Fabrik Potsdam and Artist in Residence 4+4 days in motion Prag

Premiere: 2008 4+4 days in motion, Prag

further Shows: 2009 Dock 11 Berlin tanz rotiert / 2010 studioworks Köln

Duration: 35 min.