‚Don´t blush‘ was created in series to ‚Me, Nicole and some others‘ and is the second part of a solo trilogy.

In this performance Irina Müller quasi enters a dialogue with stereotypes of femininity. By physically testing emotions, positions and gestures of feminine role models she holds up a mirror to her own body confronting it with a kind of catalogue of movement patterns that we use consciously or unconsciously. The solo plays with the adaptation of these stereotypes as well as their transformation.

A performance from and with Irina Müller / Sound: Matthias Meier / Thanks to: Eva Meyer-Keller, Alice Chauchat, Lito Walkey, Juan Dominguez

Supported by: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dock11, Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin

Premiere: 2005 Rote Fabrik, Zürich

further Shows: 2005 Dock 11 Berlin

Duration: 35 min.