‚Beyond now‘ deals with the theme of decay: decay as always present process in life. Present in the body as aging but also present in movement as such, present even in memory.

In ‚Beyond now‘ movement  becomes at the same time a biographical trace of decay, a sort of physical remembering but also an ongoing force of change. In the piece movement finds its formal even rigid frame: movement itself experiences loss, it is in a process of constant decomposition. A process defined by overflow in the beginning whereafter movement decreases, declines and directs toward a total standstill which it never reaches. Consistently the movement is based on sequences that never conclude, that constantly develop further and change.

Concept: Irina Müller / Choreography, Dance: Abigail Rubin, Irina Müller / Lightdesign: Benjamin Schälike / Costumes: Katharina Beth / Sound: Matthias Meier

Supported by: Kulturförderpreis der Stadt und Kanton Schaffhausen, Schweiz, Tanztage Berlin 08,Tanzfabrik Berlin and Israeli Embassy of Berlin.

Premiere: 2008 Tanztage Berlin

further Shows: 2008 Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, 2008 Dance in the Desert Festival, Izpe Ramon, Israel

Duration: 40 min.